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Introduction to your Head of Year: Miss Dooey

Hello Year 6,

My name is Miss Dooey and I will be your new Head of Year at DSLV and I cant wait to meet you all! Myself and my team of tutors are here to help you and guide you through your first year at Secondary School.

Each of you will be put into a form group of yourself and about 25 other pupils. You will meet with your form tutor every morning before lessons begin, this is the person that you can speak to if you have any problems. You will have lots of lessons with your form group throughout DSLV and will become very good friends.

As your Head of Year I will see you each morning at line-up where I will check that you are on time and in the correct uniform. I am also the Drama teacher at DSLV so a lot of you will meet me for your new Drama lessons.

Here at DSLV we want you to “Be Proud, Be Confident and Be Successful” in everything you do and I am here to make sure you all achieve great things during your time at secondary school and beyond.


One thought on “Introduction to your Head of Year: Miss Dooey

  1. I like that in the cafeteria there is an option of food and I would have liked to have known some people in my class


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