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DSLV Character Education Award


1.To develop skills such as teamwork, effective participants and leadership.

2.To encourage you to be a well rounded citizen that contributes to the community.

3.To professionally record your achievements to celebrate your capabilities and future employability.

4.To develop a locally recognised qualification to reward students for the level they achieve.

Intelligence with Character

What is it?

This is a locally recognised award where you can develop a wider skills set such leadership, team work, independence, perserverance and initiative

What does it involve?

The award is made up of a series of tasks set through the year. Each task is awarded between 10 and 20 points.

  1. Learning Challenge
  2. A research project
  3. A verbal presentation
  4. Charity Work
  5. A physical challenge
  6. Volunteering task

We also score your attendance, attitude to learning and commitment to school clubs.

Who gets the award?

All students can get the award. All you need to do is complete the tasks above when they are launched throughout the year. You will be given marks based on the quality and effort put into the work. The student with the most marks gets a trophy and shopping vouchers. Gold and Silver Awards are given to the top 5% and 20% with a bronze award going to students who complete all tasks to a sound standard but didn’t quite make it into the top 20%.

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