DSLV Houses

When you start DSLV you will be placed in one of three houses – Malala, Turing or Tull. Throughout the year, the three houses at DSLV compete in competitions and challenges, with the aim of winning the House Cup, and receiving rewards along the way.

Leading the way in 2019-20 is Turing House.  At the moment this is because every week, students in Turing are getting many achievement points for outstanding work, and showing great commitment to their education and school.  They have done well in competitions all year but have failed to gain the top spot, because the mighty Malala, and the tenacious Tulls have had a very good showing at Sports, Christmas Spirit and Attendance.

In 2020-21 the House system will be developed further, with rewards each term for the top house, and of course, the rewards trip for being the top House at DSLV. If you have any ideas for any house activity then let Mr Evans, or your Miss Dooey know.



Malala Yousafzai is an activist for female education, and the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize.  She works across the world for human rights, and especially the education of women, which in some countries is still not considered acceptable. In 2014 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for her work despite being executed by the Taliban in 2012.  Her recovery, and tenacity have improved education across the world.   Malala is an outstanding example of resilience, bravery and caring.


Alan Turing was the man who is credited with cracking the Enigma Code during World War II. 

During WWII, we found that the Germans were using a very effective code to communicate with.  This was causing us to lose hundreds of boats, and thousands of lives.  Turing led the team which cracked the code.  He created the machine which could decode the German messages and saved countless lives.  It is believed that breaking the code shortened the War by two years, saving even more lives.

Turing is an example of perseverance, commitment and dedication, and we celebrate his life and achievements by having him as the figurehead for one of our houses.


Walter Tull was a British footballer and soldier who was born in 1888 and died in action in 1918. 

Tull was one of the first black professional footballers, and having begun his career playing for Tottenham Hotspur, he was signed to Northampton Town where he made 111 appearances, scoring many goals.  When WW1 began in 1914, Tull gave up football and joined the army.  He was an excellent soldier and was soon promoted to lieutenant.  This would have been nothing noteworthy as Tull was mentioned several times in communications for his gallantry and coolness, whilst commanding his company of 26 men.  However, being a black man, Tull was not supposed to serve with white soldiers, let alone be in command of them.  These were the men he had joined up with.  They were his friends and comrades, so his commanding officer kept them together.  They were also the men he would later die with, and for. 

Walter Tull is an excellent example of determination, gallantry and focus.

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