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Welcome to History!

We are based along B floor and can’t wait to welcome you to the school in September. We currently have three History teachers in the Department: Mrs Morris, who is Head of the Department; Miss Hartwell and Miss Patyn.

You’ll start of your History studies by learning all the skills that will make you a top historian! We will then move onto learning more about Britain’s past with Medieval life, diseases like the Black Death and of course, everyone’s favourite king, Henry VIII!

Over the past few years we have visited some exciting places such as Warwick Castle and the Black Country Museum. It is our hope that we will be able to take you to these amazing places throughout your journey at DSLV.

Our team of teachers are hugely passionate about History and we can’t wait to share this passion with you, even if History might not be your favourite subject, with our varied curriculum you are sure to find something that will spark your interest!

We can’t wait to welcome you in September, so stay safe and we will see you in History very soon!

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