Physical Education

Welcome to PE!

DSLV PE Department

The PE department consists of:

Mr Pearce who is the Head of PE and also teaches Maths, Miss Amed who teaches PE and Science, Mr Howard who teaches PE and Humanities, Mr Franzoni who teaches PE and Science and Mrs Cole who teaches PE/Dance and English. Other teachers from around the academy also teach some PE lessons including, Miss Hartwell, Mrs Maughan and Mr Eadon.

All of the PE department work hard to give you a fantastic and exciting experience in your PE lessons. No matter who your PE teacher is when you start Year 7 you’ll all experience the same standards of teaching and enjoyment. Each teacher of course, has their favourite sports and activities and they can’t wait to get you loving these sports and activities too.

Don’t forget to get involved in all of our lunch time and after school clubs that we put on. Sports including Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Fitness, Trampolining and Gymnastics, Athletics, Rounders, Cricket and Tennis.

In addition to clubs we also put on some trips such as, trips to stadiums to watch professional teams, tournaments and of course the annual Ski trip. These opportunities will come up during the year so watch this space for further details.

The PE department looks forward to welcoming you all in September!

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