Hello Year 6, we have designed some fun activities that will help you to prepare for Year 7 Geography at DSLV. You can do as many activities as you would like, but don’t worry if you can’t get resources as there is something on this list for everyone. We can’t wait to see what you have produced!

Please complete as many activities as you would like:

  • ‘Wibble Wobble’- Design an earthquake-proof building. This building should be able to stay standing if put on a piece of paper and shaken. Most people use marshmallows and spaghetti but if you can’t get these items maybe you could use your imagination.
  • Headliners- Create a poster/presentation/video/essay (minimum of 300 words) on a current geographical issue. This could be anything you find interesting. Some examples could be overpopulation, plastics in the ocean, climate change or anything else you can think of.
  • World traveller- Using a world map you could label where you have visited in the world. Make sure to include information about each place you have been to. You could include facts such as the capital city, the city you visited, and any landmarks you went to, what the weather was like and you could use photos of your trip if you wanted.
  • Green city- Build an eco-friendly city out of LEGO. Grab your box of LEGO and design a city that helps the planet. You will need to think about energy, water, waste and green spaces like parks. Make sure to include an explanation of each eco-friendly feature. For example if your houses have solar panels tell us why. You may want to research what an eco-city is like.
  • Famous Geographers- Research at least 3 famous geographers telling us about who they are and why they’re important to Geography, make sure to include a photo or drawing of them. Explain which one is your favourite and why.
  • Around the world – Using a world map label where different items from around your house come from. Include a picture or description of each item and which country. You could use different foods, the washing machine, a football, TV but try to map as many things as possible. The more countries you can include the better!
  • DSLV Geography Bake Off- You can bake and decorate a cake about any geography topic. This could be practice for our ‘DSLV Geography Bake off’ which we will host after we return to school. Ideas from last year’s bake off include a river flowing from the mountains, the Amazon rainforest as the ‘Lungs of the Earth’ and our winning cake was a volcano, which tasted delicious!

Please make sure you check with an adult at home before using any resources (you don’t want to run out of spaghetti).  We can’t wait to meet you all with your amazing projects ready to be shown off but until then from all of the Geography team we hope you have some fun preparing for Year 7 Geography!

Please send all completed entries to Sandra.Kelly@E-ACT.org.uk


Download a copy HERE

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